Friday, October 3, 2008

Romantic Bad Boy?

A blogger named "Bookworm" has an interesting theory on why so many otherwise intelligent and responsible Americans seem to be infatuated with Senator Obama. Check out Bookworm's article on American Thinker.

According to Bookworm, Americans are climbing on Senator Obama's bandwagon because he's the "romantic bad-boy." Okay, as a theory, it makes a kind of sick sense. Bookworm points out that, for women, the typical romantic bad boy is the guy that has

"been running around on her, and he can get pretty verbally abusive. Still he always tells her he loves her and he promises her that things will get better. With those promises echoing in her head, she's absolutely certain that, if she can just get him to the altar, he'll improve. The act of marriage will magically transform him from an abusive boyfriend who makes pretty speeches into the man of her dreams -- one who is precisely as good as he promises to be. The fact that her friends keep pointing out his myriad failings and that they remind her that the leopard can't change his spots is irrelevant. He says he loves her and if, she can just force that marriage, he'll suddenly realize that he has to change.

Bookworm then compares the typical romantic bad boy to Senator Obama who, despite a record devoid of accomplishments, has made impressive promises "such as a crystalline, pre-industrial environment, without any economic downsides; peace and harmony with the baddest of bad guys; universal health care; and wealth for all. . ." According to Bookworm, like women who believe all the promises that their romantic bad-boys tell them, many Americans "believe those promises, despite the fact that Obama's ineffective resume shouldn't give them reason to believe that he can follow through on any of his promises." So, Bookworm believes that the reason so many normally intelligent Americans intend to vote for Senator Obama is because they

"are thrilling to the feeling of dating the political bad boy, the cool guy who talks a good line, but who has a trail of personal and professional failures in his wake (and some pretty unsavory friends too). Everybody wants to date the bad boy once and a while. But the thing is, you don't marry the bad boy. Just as marriage to the bad boy won't magically make him better, a presidential inauguration won't transform the anti-American, unaccomplished Barack Obama into an effective statesman imbued with a true love for his country.

Perhaps. Perhaps it's just because no one, but the alternative media has looked closely at Senator Obama; who he really is and what he really stands for. Perhaps it's because there are those so infatuated with the "historic" nature of his campaign for presidency (code words for the first black presidential candidate). Perhaps it's just because this Country has become so polarized that neither party is willing to really evaluate a candidate; but will just cast a "knee jerk" vote. Who knows. I do know, however, that American voters should heed Bookworm's final bit of advice:

"So, if you voters think there is more to this Barack Obama than just pretty words, I suggest that you do with him exactly what I'd suggest if you were a young woman infatuated with the bad boy: Wait a while (four years? eight years? twelve years?) and see whether, with time, he either grows up and grows out of it, or if he follows that downward trajectory, validating your decision to reject him in the first place."


LT Nixon said...

As a counterpoint, a lot of guys have a thing for the "sexy librarian" look that Palin embodies. That and chicks with guns are hot.

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