Tuesday, October 7, 2008

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I've been a big fan of the music published by To The Fallen Records for a while now. To The Fallen Records is an independent record company created by former-Captain Sean Gilfillan after he returned from a tour of duty in Operation Iraqi Freedom. Capt Gilfillan had met a lot of musicians in the military and was surprised that so many talented people did not have a way to get their music heard by more people than their buddies and in talent shows. He combined efforts with a friend, Ms Sidney DeMello and the two created a record label that allows active duty and former military members to send, email, or handcarry their music to them for possible publication. As the To The Fallen Records official website succinctly states,

"Regardless of genre, To The Fallen offers a platform for these powerful voices to get their messages across to fellow soldiers as well as civilians and the public at large. A non-partisan label, To The Fallen's mantra is "It's not about politics, it's about music." Considering that the men and women making music on the label are the same brave soldiers defending our right to free speech, they have earned the right to say what they want to say, regardless of their political persuasions. To The Fallen Records concentrates on quality music, and makes a point of presenting an array of opinions from people that aren't running for office, and have no agenda other than asking for some respect."

All this is a rather lengthy introduction to a wonderful new song from one of the TTFR artists, Stephen Covell, called "Sand Hills to Sandals." It's great. It's posted on the TTFR blog, and unfortunately I can't import it to mine. Please go listen, it's wonderful! Stephen Covell has written a guest post about his decision to join the Army and why he writes and sings music that's posted right below the video. In the post he says,

"A few months ago I made a video for "Sand Hills to Sandals" from my barracks room at Fort Bragg. It may be the only song I ever write about the time I spent in Iraq and what it was like to come back home because I've never been one to mix business with pleasure. Maybe it will help people understand what its like if they have friends or loved ones deployed. If something positive can come out of the sadness that so many have had to face then I think it will have been the right thing to do."

Great song, Stephen! I think you've accomplished what you wanted and I know I got something positive from your song. As your lyrics say, "It will be alright..." That's something everyone needs to know sometimes. I'd recommend it to my friends, family, and blog readers (and I do!)

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