Thursday, October 9, 2008

Fakery or Strategery

Voter Fraud? From a Chigago politician? It would never happen....or would it? There are a lot of reports of voter fraud coming out of various states; Ohio, Nevada, and Missouri to name a few. All these allegations of voter fraud have one thing in common, the allegations of fraud involve the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now or ACORN. Remember Senator Obama represented ACORN in litigation, and ACORN heavily supports the Democrat ticket. The ACORN organization is, naturally, denying culpability. Instead, they blame their paid voter registration worker-bees who would apparently register people 10, 15, or 25 times. Apparently, in Nevada, they registered past and present Dallas Cowboy football players. They also like registering dead people. ACORN was also the organization that sued banks to generate more sub-prime mortagages and is heavily behind the financial shennagians that led to the current economic melt-down. As a reward, the Democrats wanted to give ACORN some of the $700Billion bailout fallout. Maybe the reward was for registering so many voters, real or imagined.


Add Indiana to the list of states where ACORN has apparently filed false registration forms. According to reports, election officials in Lake County, Indiana, stopped processing 5000 registration forms ACORN delivered just before the registration deadline expired. It appears the first 2100 forms turned out to be fraudulent. They were apparently all filled out and signed by the same person, and had named voters who were dead. One voter name was actually the name of a resturant.

Also, a Federal Judge has ordered Ohio election officials to verify the identity of newly registered voters by matching the names to other government records. This verification step is something that is required by the Help America Vote Act, although (according to GOP sources) the Ohio Secretary of State (you know the woman who didn't want to accept Republican voter registrations that didn't have a non-crucial box checked) has resisted completing the verification.

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