Friday, May 29, 2009

Decal Debacle

I have to admit it....I have a few decals on my truck. On my back window I have a decal that reads, "My son is a United States Marine" and one that reads, "My daughter is in the Air Force." I also have a "Retired Air Force" decal on my back window. All of them are about the same size, about two inches in diameter. None of the decals are what anyone would call obtrusive or gaudy. On the tailgate of the truck are two of those magnetic sticker know the yellow ribbon that says "Support Our Troops" and the red, white, and blue ribbon that says, "God Bless America." I'm proud of my kids and want to acknowledge their service and my pride in them. I'm also one of those people that loves my Country and I really do support our troops and don't just say I do.

I'm glad I don't live in an area with a homeowner's association that would try to tell me to remove the stickers or get my car my expense. Unfortunately, according to FoxNews, that's what's happened to Frank Larison, a 58-year-old former Marine who served for more than 14 years, including a year long combat tour in Vietnam. Mr Larison has seven Marine Corps decals on his car, but his homeowner's association has sent him a letter asking that he remove them or have his car towed and face a $50 fine for each successive violation. The association claims the decals are advertisements and that violates the associations rules that prohibit ads on vehicles. Mr Larison says that the decals are "patriotic" and "to show he served." He says the decals aren't advertising anything because "you can't buy freedom."

Personally, I think Mr Larison ought to go get his car "shrinkwrapped" in that stuff that wraps the entire car in a Marine Corps Globe and Anchor! Or he ought to get the car painted in the Marine Corps colors of crimson and gold, with the words to the Marine Corps Hymn emblazoned on the rear windshield. Better yet, he should outfit his car with a painting of the flag raising at Iwo Jima on its hood. Mr Larison is a Marine, albeit not a serving Marine, and he's rightly proud of his service and his country! His homeowner's association is completely out of line to order him to remove his Marine Corps decals; especially when there are plenty of other cars on the property with bumperstickers supporting political parties, health causes, and other non-commercial interests. What about fairness.....or is it just veterans of the Marine Corps or other Armed Forces that are targeted here?

Monday, May 25, 2009

Gold Star Dad---"The Full Measure of A Marine's Life"

Bob Derga, a Gold Star Parent and a Board Member of Military Families United, has written a wonderful piece posted on The Fox Forum titled "The Full Measure of a Marine's Life." I urge you to read it this Memorial Day. It eloquently reminds us what Memorial Day is all about. Thank you Mr. Derga!

Memorial Day

We observe Memorial Day today, even though the "real" Memorial Day occurs at the end of the week. Whenever we observe it, Memorial Day is designed to be a day of rememberance. It's a day when we should remember departed or absent family and friends. It's a day when we should remember our parents, grandparents, and ancestors; we should remember what they gave so that we could be where we now are. Most of all, it's a day when we should remember the sacrifices of our warriors.

These are the men and women who stood, and now stand, between us and harm. These are the men and women who are dedicated to preserving that wonderful freedom we enjoy. These are the men and women who first raised their hands and said, "yes, we can, and yes, we will." Without those who are willing to put their lives "on the line" for all of us, our Nation would not have been born, would not have survived the threat from internal civil strife, and would not have been able to help other Nations survive world-wide threats to their continued independence, twice. Without our warriors, this Nation would not be able to stand as a bulwark of freedom, an advocate for human rights, or that "shining city on the hill." Our warriors are essential. So please join me this Memorial Day, whenever you observe it, in saying a prayer for those warriors who serve. Join me in taking the time to thank a warrior for his or her service. Most of all, please take the time to remember.....

Friday, May 22, 2009

Pink Boxer Boy's Job is Safe!

Did you see the story that ran a week or so ago? The one about the Army Specialist who was asleep when the Taliban attacked his outpost in Afghanistan? Apparently, he grabbed the most important gear (his helmet, body armor, and weapon) and jumped into the fight. What made the story interesting was that a NYTimes photographer just happened to be around, just happened to snap a picture of the firefight, and just happened to catch 19-year old Army Specialist Zachary Boyd fighting the Taliban wearing flip-flops and his pink "I love NY" boxer shorts. And of course, the picture just happened to end up on the front page of the NYTimes the next day. The best thing about the story (other than Specialist Boyd's courage and commitment) was Boyd and his parents' sense of humor about the whole thing. Boyd's dad told a TV reporter that this son called and told him he might be on the front of the NYTimes; but he didn't mention that he'd be there in his undies. Later Boyd told his dad that he might not have a job, if his boss (the Commander-in-Chief, President Obama) was unhappy with his attire.

Well....Specialist Boyd's job is safe. Secretary of Defense Gates has gone on the record saying that he wants to meet Specialist Boyd and shake his hand. According to Secretary Gates, "Any soldier who goes into battle against the Taliban in pink boxers and flip-flops has a special kind of courage." Secretary Gates also wondered how the Specialist Boyd's unique uniform impacted the Taliban. He mused, "just imagine seeing that: a guy in pink boxers and flip-flops has you in his crosshairs. What an incredible innovation in psychological warfare." Wait a minute.....there's a boxers as an issue item....might work.....well, on second thought....might not be such a great idea....

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Crazy Bird! my mother has a crazy bird that really wants to get in her the video....the bird keeps pounding on the window with it's feet. Any theories on why, or what the bird wants? Personally, I think the bird has seen a home it likes and wants in. What do you think?

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Happy Armed Forces Day!

To all of you who have chosen to serve in the Armed Forces, whether you're a member of the Guard and Reserve or whether you're on active is your day. Have a very happy Armed Forces Day, and remember that you are honored for your service. We must not ever forget that you stand watch so we can pursue the "life, liberty" and "happiness" that is our right. We should remember that you stand guard so that many of us can be oblivious to the horrors that you so willingly face. You stand; and for that we must always remember to thank you, on this day and every day.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

For all you mothers out there.....have a wonderful and happy Mother's Day. I hope you all are able to celebrate this day with family.

Although none of my children or grandchildren will be with me this Mother's Day, this past week I was able to visit my son the Marine and his wife before he deploys overseas to a dangerous place. My visit with them was too short, but it was great to see both of them.

I love my son and I adore his wife. My son has grown into an intelligent and capable young man with a fantastic sense of humor and strong sense of responsibility (even if he hasn't grown out of playing video games). He is a leader, not a follower. I cannot be more proud of him and the life he's chosen. He was lucky enough to meet and marry his Eternal companion, and it's obvious that they were made for each other. My son's wife is sweet, warm, and caring woman who has a steel-strong backbone (which is a good thing for a military-wife to have). I hope I made it clear to them both just how special I know they are, and how each of them are an essential part of my life.

As a mother, I dread seeing my son go off to fight our enemies in a foreign place. Yet I am proud of his decision to serve out great Nation, and support that decision with everything I am. Nevertheless, I am still a mother who wants to wrap my child in his warm, fuzzy blanket and keep him safe. I know that he is no longer the squiggly little boy who wanted to cuddle on my lap before bedtime; but I'm a mom who will always see that little boy, even if he now has a "buff" 6'2" frame.

It's hard not to want to protect your children. Like so many mothers before me who have sent their sons to war, all I can do is let him know that I love him, that I'm proud of him, and that I support him. I will trust in his training and know that he will do the best he can. I will pray for him, and the young men beside him. Most of all, I will trust in the Lord to bring him home safely to his young wife, and to the rest of us who love him.

A Boss Who Knows How to Make Decisions

I received this in my email and thought it was sufficiently funny to post here:


As the CEO of this organization, I have resigned myself to the fact that Barack Obama is our President and that our taxes and government fees will increase in a BIG way.

To compensate for these increases, our prices would have to increase by about 10%. But since we cannot increase our prices right now due to the dismal state of the economy, we will have to lay off six of our employees instead. This has really been bothering me, since I believe we are family here and I didn't know how to choose who would have to go.

So, this is what I did. I walked through our parking lot and found six 'Obama' bumper stickers on our employees' cars and have decided these folks will be the ones to let go. I can't think of a more fair way to approach this problem. They voted for change; I gave it to them.

I will see the rest of you at the annual company picnic.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy Law Day!

Today, May 1st, is Law Day! This year the ABA-sponsored topic for Law Day focuses on President Lincoln and the Legacy of Liberty. Whatever you think about the politics of the American Bar Association, their sponsorship of Law Day is a good thing. In our society, we kinda take living under the rule of law for granted (sometimes). It's good to remind folks that living within the law is an essential part of the liberty we enjoy.
Today, I had the pleasure of going to "Flyover Country's County High School" to give a Law Day presentation to some of the students. What a blast! Not only were the kids polite, but they actually paid attention (for the most part). We had a great discussion about the civil war, President Lincoln, current events, the writ of habeas corpus, and how should the "balance" between civil liberties and National security even out. These kids had some very interesting perspectives on most of the topics. Gives me hope for the future!