Sunday, March 25, 2012

Good Friends; Good Times!

So this last week, my husband and I took a couple of friends to Moab to celebrate their Wedding Anniversary.  My sister, who works at the Moab Information Center, was able to hook us up with a great deal at the Red Cliffs Adventure Lodge in Moab.  WOW, what a place!!!!  Many thanks to Sharon and to the folks at Red Cliffs; the cabin was wonderful, the scenery was beautiful, the food was fantastic, and the hospitality was gracious! 
Here's a picture of the view from the deck of our cabin.  The deck opened up to the Colorado River running at the base of a beautiful red cliff (I guess that's the reason for the name of the Lodge...grin....) 
After we checked in, we took our friends out to an area North of Moab and went Razr Riding.  Total abandoned fun!  The area's beautiful.  Sandstone, sage, and sun!  Since it was the middle of the week, we were pretty much the only people out riding....well except for the young man who was riding a motorcycle alone and had broken down at the bottom of a hill called "Wipe-out Hill."  The last time we were there, we watched a large group of folks winch  Razrs and 4-wheelers up the hill.  Here's a picture of the hill....notice the motorcycle at the bottom...
Apparently, the young man had been waiting there for a while; waiting for someone to come along and help.  I let him use my cell phone, and my husband took him "a-ways" up the hill to get better cell service, and he was able to call his Dad and leave a message.  We left him with some water (he didn't have any) and told him we'd be back in about an hour to check on him.  So we went and played on the slickrock for a bit; and when we came back, both he and the motorcycle were gone.  He either got it started or his "people" found him. 

So, while we were "playing," I wanted to take a video of the Razr coming down a hill...I thought it would be cool....until....well, take a look what my husband and friends thought was funny.....

So, after we went riding; and I had my wits scared out of me (multiple times);' we went back to Red Cliffs for dinner.  The Lodge is surrounded by beautiful red cliffs, and we got to the Restaurant as the sun was setting.  This was the view from the Restaurant's deck....pretty, isn't it! 
We had a really great dinner, with good food, good friends, and good conversation....although the jokes about my screaming did get a little "old."  LOL! 

The next day, we connected with my sister and her partner for more Razr riding.  They rented a Razr and joined us on a trip up over Hurrah pass and into Chicken Corners (there's a reason they're called Chicken Corners....).  It was a wonderful trip and I thanks our friends, and my sister, for making it so special.  Truly.....good friends make good times!


Friday, March 9, 2012


Our new house is out "a-ways" (which is both a direction and a measurement of distance here in Flyover Country) from town.  Unfortunately for my dog, Bella, that means that the town-dogs don't comeover and play like they used to.  Bella is trained to not leave the yard or our property, so she didn't visit around town; but she has lots of doggie-friends who would come over to play (and beg doggie-cookies).  Now that we live out of town "a-ways," they can't come over to play and she's been a bit we got a puppy. 

Zoe is a blue heeler puppy, and she drives Bella crazy with wanting to play.  She likes to try to bite Bella's tail whenever Bella wags it (which is most of the time).  Either that or she trying to get Bella's ears, or her ball, or her squeeky get the idea.  Zoe drives me crazy with wanting to chew on everything....but that's what puppies do.   She's also still trying to learn what house-training is all about; so I have to watch her very, very, closely when she's in the house. 

This morning, I dropped a piece of chocolate-covered pomegranate on the floor when I was doing breakfast dishes.  Now Bella's a chocolate-loving doggie and she would have gobbled it right up without a second thought, but Zoe's a bit different.  She had a blast for about 15-20 minutes, playing with it.  Then she ate it. 

Monday, March 5, 2012

S*&t Civilians say to Veterans

Kate (a.k.a. GI Kate) has produced a great video on the "S**t Civilians say to Veterans."  Love it!  Had to post it here: