Wednesday, October 8, 2008

It's All About Politics

Obviously the economy, bank failures, sub-prime mortgages, and the stock market are all big news items these days. As they should be. But I really wonder why only FOXNews is reporting that the Iran has been harassing US military assets in the Strait of Hormuz almost daily, and on September 6th even threatened to shoot down US helicopters flying over a US Navy ship. At least as of this morning (1113 to be precise) neither CCN On-line nor ABC On-line had anything posted on their main pages about Iranian harassment. CNN had an admittedly interesting story about a military C-130 Brazilian Air Force cargo plane that flew 373 rescued, rehabilitated, and now repatriated penguins back to their normal feeding grounds. There were several stories about the Presidential debate and the economy, but nothing about Iran and their continuing harassment of our military. Same with ABC. They had a story about Expatriate debauchery in Dubai and one about Courtney Love losing weight; but nothing about Iran looking like they're trying to provoke a war. Come on - - what's more newsworthy here? Could it be that it's all about politics?

These news organizations appear to (no, they obviously) support Senator Obama for President. Could it be that the-powers-that-be at these organizations really don't want to focus the Nation's attention on the very real possibility that Iran is getting too big for its britches and may want to pick if fight with us? Could it be that if the people of this Nation think that there's the possibility of a "real" war with Iran, or even "just" an international crisis involving a country that is doing its best to develop nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them, that those people might think twice about electing Senator Obama? Could it be that these news organizations don't want to report any news, at all, that would somehow have a negative impact on "their" historic candidate's chances for election? Or am I just being cynical?

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