Thursday, October 23, 2008

25 Years Later

Twenty-five years ago, America lost 241 Marines when a suicide bomber drove a yellow delivery truck through several fences and into the lobby of the Marine Barracks at Beirut, Lebanon. Although it's been a quarter of a Century since this senseless act of violence took the lives of our brave Marines, we shouldn't forget those who lost their lives, nor that at least one Federal judge has found that Iran was behind the terrorist attack. With this act Hezbollah ushered in a new method of inflicting terror; the suicide truck bomb. Islamic extremists have used this method of inflicting death and terror against our Embassies in Africa, our troops in Saudi Arabia and Iraq, and (modified by using airplanes) our citizens in New York and Washington.

We should all join the Marines in mourning their brethren who died that day 25 years ago. . .and we should never forget. Jim Maceda, a reporter who was in Beirut that day, remembers in a blog post on MSNBC. CJ at A Soldier's Perspective remembers by posting a letter from Colonel Timothy Geraghty, the commander of the Marines at Beirut that day. It's a wonderful post. We should join Mr. Maceda, CJ, Col Geraghty, and everyone else who remembers the horrors of that day in mourning the death of these men. Most of all, we should all remember that terrorism has no place in this world and its sponsors must be held accountable.

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