Thursday, October 2, 2008

Demonstrated Dedication

Like just about every woman, I've dieted. I've been concerned about my weight. I've lost and I've gained (can you say yo-yo?). I know how hard it is to lose weight and keep it off. Which is why Ms Ashley Barrett-Carter's story touched me. This woman so wanted to serve her country by joining the Army that she lost 113 pounds to do so! Way to go! As Sean Hannity would say, "you're a great American!"

According to a story in the Dallas Morning News Ms Barrett-Carter started thinking about serving in the military a few years ago, but when she walked into a recruiting station she found out that she needed to lose 100 pounds in order to meet the Army's height and weight standards. The recruiter, Sgt Ryan Memolo, thought he'd never see her again. But he did. She came back 2 months later, weighing 20 pounds less. She did it by restricting portions and by exercising rather than by fad diets. After steadily losing about 2 pounds a week (on the advice of her Doctor), Ms Barrett-Carter is ready for basic training. This is the kind of dedication and commitment to service that makes our military great! Hope Ms Barrett-Carter sails through basic, and enjoys her enlistment!

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