Friday, September 5, 2008

My Magnificient Seven

WOW! Ky Woman, who blogs at Little Drops . . . Into the Pool of Life has given me a blogger award. She's listed this blog as one of seven she admires . . . boy does that make me feel humble; particularly when you look at the other six blogs! I'm thankful that anyone would include me in their company. So many thanks to Ky Woman, and please go check out her blog . . . it's awesome!

Now like many awards, this one has rules. They are: 1) you have to link to the person who gave you the award; 2) you pass on the award to at least 7 people; 3) then you let them know that you awarded them this "I Love Your Blog" award.

So . . . here are my "Magnificent Seven:"

1. A Soldier's Perspective
2. The War on Big Tobacco
3. Villainous Company
4. Grim's Hall
5. Jarhead Online
6. Lt Nixon Rants
7. In From the Cold

Folks, this is for you

There are many more I could mention, and I link to some of them on my "Of Counsel" blogroll...for example, some of my relatives have fantastic "mommy blogs," and I'd love to give them one of these awards, publicly. But since I blog under a pseudonym, for lots of reasons, I probably shouldn't "blow my cover." Anyway, check out these "Magnificent Seven." You won't be disappointed!


Ky Woman said...

awwww, thank you for those kind words...

Funny, but the blogs you have listed are on my list of must reads.

Hmm, great minds think alike?

lela said...

Great minds, indeed!