Monday, September 1, 2008


Labor Day. The end of summer. Back to school. Picnics, pool, playtime. Reunions. Sleep. Holidays are wonderful, aren’t they? But I do have to say that Labor Day seemed to come quickly this year. It seems like Memorial Day, when my son came home from Iraq, was just yesterday. It’s been a busy and eventful summer, and I guess that’s what made the days go by so quickly.

Labor Day is one of those days when it’s good to pause and think about things; in those blank spaces between family fun and extra sleep. This Labor Day, I’ve been thinking about gratitude. Several months ago, I was asked to speak in Church about gratitude. In getting ready for that talk, I came to the conclusion that gratitude is different from just being thankful for something. To me it’s like thankfulness on steroids. If you’re truly grateful for something, you’re thankful for it, but you’re also humble about receiving it; because that something is so special and important that it’s a gift you can never repay. The only way you can acknowledge your gratitude is to accept the gift and try to give something back.

So what am I grateful for? I’m grateful for the Gospel. I’m grateful for friends and family. I’m grateful for children who think for themselves, and in whom any mother can be proud. I’m grateful for beautiful, healthy grandchildren who are the promise of the future. I’m grateful for an understanding husband, who has challenged me to become who I am. I’m grateful for special friends I’ve made over the years, who will always be a part of my life. I’m grateful for my parents; my mom who taught me to how to love and my dad who taught me how to serve. I’m grateful for the example of my grandmother, who taught me that women can be strong, and for the example of my grandfather, who taught me the value of hard work and the joy of play. I’m grateful for those I love and for those who love me. I’m grateful for my sisters, who are always there when I need them. I’m grateful that I’ve had the opportunity to serve my country. I’m grateful that the Lord gave me intelligence and talents, and the chance to live in a country where I can use those skills to the best of my ability.

The list of those things that I’m grateful for is long, this is only a partial list. I’ve been blessed. Sometimes, when life gets busy and difficult, it’s good to stop and remember just what you’re grateful for. It puts things in perspective. So, as this Labor Day progresses into a busy September and Fall, let me ask: what are you grateful for?


Aunty2 said...

I am grateful for all of the above plus the support of my family when I needed them the most when my son was sick. Also for the example and unconditional love they all show me. I am grateful to you, dear elder (I love saying that!) sister, for being my mentor, example and most of all, friend.

lela said...

Love you too, little sis!

Sevillalost said...

this Labor Day, I think I was mostly grateful for Sugar Free Red Bull. :)

uh...yeah...and all that other stuff you said, too, Mom.