Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I'm Holding out for Steak!

No way am I giving up my steak! As if driving less, inflating our tires, changing our light bulbs, and wearing sweaters wasn't enough, according to an article published in Time now the global-warming nuts want us to stop eating meat. Apparently, the cows, pigs and chickens we raise in order to enjoy that steak, bacon, or chicken breast aren't eco-friendly. It's awful! People cut down the forest in order to create pasture land for the naughty beasts. Everyone knows if the forest goes, there is no way to absorb the CO2 and other greenhouse gasses people (the other parasites on this planet) produce. To top it off, all those nasty beasts (the cows, pigs, and chickens. . .not the people) produce manure and release other body gasses (those flatulent animals release about 200 L of methane gas a day!). Not only is there all that methane, but all that manure generates nitrous oxide, another greenhouse gas that has about 296 times more warming effect than CO2! Horrors! The planet will soon be a global swamp as temperatures rise and the ice sheet melts. . .oh wait, maybe that's a good thing; at least the Everglades will be revitalized. . .but I digress. Not only does the production of all that meat harm the planet; but the feedlots introduce antibiotics, steroids, and other bad stuff into the human who eats the meat from animals fattened at the feedlots, resulting in overweight people prone to heart attacks. Terrible!

So as good stewards of the environment, what are we supposed to do? Apparently, we're supposed to stop eating meat. According to the Time article, couple of geophysicists "have estimated that if every American reduced meat consumption by just 20%, the greenhouse gas savings would be the same as if we all switched from a normal sedan to a hybrid Prius." Does this mean if I give up my steak that I don't have to give up driving my pick up truck?

UPDATE It looks like I can keep driving my truck for a while. . .good thing it's 4-Wheel Drive! Apparently the Old Farmer's Almanac has predicted cooler temperatures for this winter and possibly for the next 50 years. Global cooling, oh great! Where's my sweaters and snow pants?


aunty 2 said...

I am in total agreement with you sis! Steak! Ribs! Burgers! mmmm BBQ! Nothing better! If I am endangering my health with bad things put into my food, oh well, I will die satisfied. So my idea would be to consume all the naughty, gas and manure producing animals and help the planet that way! If we don't use them for our own gastric pleasure, they will overrun the planet and then where will we be? So for the harsh winter predicted nothing better that hot beef stew! mmmmmmm!

lela said...

Add a nice, hot loaf of crusty bread to that hot beef stew and I'll be there for dinner!

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