Sunday, September 21, 2008

Hometown Heroes

CNN has a great story today about a real hometown hero, Walt Peters. Mr Peters is a Vietnam veteran who has met most, if not all, of the flights carrying Soldiers going into and out of Hunter Air Field. He estimates that he's met over 20,000 Soldiers either leaving for their deployment or returning from a tour. Mr Peters, and the volunteers he trains and oversees, are there to shake the Soldiers' hands, give them an American Flag, and an say encouraging word. It's Mr Peters' type of quiet support that means the most to these young men and women. They can instinctively understand that Mr Peters knows what they're feeling. And he does. He's been there. The standard mantra these days is "we support the troops." Well, it's folks like Mr Peters and his volunteers, or those of you who adopt a Soldier or a unit, or those of you who just send a random care package, who really do support the troops. Don't forget them. Don't forget that they go where they're ordered, and do what they must, to support you, our way of life, and our Nation. Thank you, Mr Peters!

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