Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Great News!

Many of you have read Lt (now Cpt) G’s blog Kaboom, before it was ordered removed from the internet. Lt G chronicled the deployment of his infantry unit, which he named The Gravediggers for operational security reasons. He also invented clever pseudonyms for his troops, for the same reason. Since his blog was shut down, his fiancée, City Girl, has been periodically updating those of us who feel like we know the Gravediggers. (You can find the blog on the “Of Counsel” list on this blog.) One of Cpt G’s troops, Pvt Hotwheels, was seriously injured in a fire-accident earlier this summer. Like many readers, I’ve been following his progress over the internet. His mother posts updates on his recovery on CaringBridge. Readers can check the journal posts and leave encouraging messages, if they choose. It’s a great way to use the ‘net! Anyway, it appears Pvt Hotwheels’ condition continues to improve. His mother credits faith in the Lord, as well as the thoughts and prayers of so many, in helping her son survive and start to thrive. According to the latest posts, which you can check out yourself, Pvt Hotwheels has been able to stand alone and even walk a few steps; despite serious injuries to his legs and feet. Great news! I’m certain that the excellent medical care he’s received, coupled with the love and faith of his family (oh yeah, and all those prayers) will have him recovering quickly!

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