Thursday, January 22, 2009

Yes, DavidM, I'm Angry!

It's been a bit since I blogged. I considered talking about President Obama's inaugural speech, but others (like Lee Cary at American Thinker) have done it much better. Then I thought about discussing the wisdom of such an expensive celebration in a time of economic crisis, but was so disgusted with the way the media has played the expense as a "lifting up" of a depressed nation and that the expense was well paid, I decided I'd use too many bad words. Then I found this tidbit that DavidM posted over at The Thunder Run titled "Are You Ready to Get Angry?", and it made me so mad I did use some of those bad words, and decided I just had to post it here.

It seems that a Marine's mother emailed DavidM to let him know that the 12-person military colorguard scheduled to post the colors at the Super Bowl's opening ceremonies will not be allowed to stay and watch the game from the sidelines, as they have in past games. Instead, they will be "escorted" off the field and out of the stadium. DavidM confirmed the information with a representative of the Tampa Bay Host Committee. It's true, but the Tampa Bay folks have nothing to do with the decision. The NFL decided not to allow the 12 members of the military colorguard to stay and watch the game!

What a travesty! If it were up to me, there would be several sections of the stadium reserved for military members who have just returned from serving in a war zone...but then I don't run the NFL. But, my goodness, the NFL should at least allow the 12-person colorguard (who represent all our serving military members) to stay and watch the game from the sidelines. They're not taking up any seats. This is a ridiculous decision and should be reversed as soon as possible.

In the comments to his post, DavidM has copied an email he sent to Mallory Steinberg at the NFL. According to the Tampa Bay folks, that's who people concerned with this decision should contact. Her email is . It doesn't appear he's received a reply explaining this very stupid decision, as yet. I'd like to know why they won't let the colorguard stay...wouldn't you? So yes, DavidM, I'm angry!

UPDATE! According to CJ at ASP, the NFL has relented and the 12-person interservice colorguard will be allowed to watch the Super Bowl from the sidelines. GREAT NEWS!


Grama36 said...

I cannot believe that the NFL would do such a thing to our Military. I agree with Lela that there should be a section reserved for returning vets. Perhaps if it wasn't for our military there wouldn't be any NFL or super bowl game..

Ky Woman said...

Thanks Lela, for adding your voice to the others. They heard us loud and clear, I think.


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