Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Panetta for CIA??

President-elect Obama has announced Mr Leon Panetta as his nominee to lead the CIA. Curious! Mr Panetta is a Washington insider who was President Clinton's Chief of Staff during Monica-gate. He has absolutely no experience with the intelligence community, other than sitting in on National Intelligence Briefings. Okay....why this nomination? Spook86 at "In From the Cold...." has a great post about the nomination. He speculates that the appointment was either an afterthought (I sure hope not) or was a "bone" thrown at liberal activists concerned with potential nominees who support more aggressive interrogation techniques (which would be worse). I agree with Spook86, the position of the Director of the CIA is too important to our national security to name an intelligence neophyte to fill it. I've said all along that President-elect Obama's judgment about people is critically lacking. This is just another example.

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