Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

I hope every one who reads this little blog has a very happy new year. I plan on making 2009 a great year. In the past few months, I've been trying (very hard) to change my outlook on life. I want to be an optimist. (A optimistic attorney, you say...isn't that like a happy mortician?) Anyway, I don't want to be a cynic or a pessimist anymore; so I've been "practicing optimism." In keeping with my optimistic goal, I have to think that the stock market and the economy will turn around, that Obama's presidency won't be the start of a socialist America, and that we'll be able to keep the terrorists from attacking inside our borders. I have faith that the sun will come up, the zombies will be kept at bay, and that tomorrow will be another day. all my compatriots in the "blog-o-sphere," have a very happy 2009 and keep thinking happy thoughts. Who knows maybe you, too, can fly like Tinkerbell....


Ky Woman said...


Sounds like a plan. Much better than viewing the world with gloom and doom. As long as we wake to see another day, tis good. As I told my children when they were complaining about what they didn't have,
"someone else always have it much rougher, be thankful for what you do have."

Here's to your New Optimism!

Blessings to you and yours.

LT Nixon said...


Optimism is over-rated, go negative! haha, well happy new years.

Grama36 said...

Optimism is a good thing.. I figure my day depends on my attitude. I can either have a positive outlook or I can have a negative outlook.. I prefer positive..

Ally said...

You have to make your own happiness in life and that leads to your own optimism! You are on the right track! Optimism leads to happiness. You can't be truly happy and have a negative look on life, it doesn't work that way mathematically.
Take care of YOU and the rest will fall into place (I learned that at AlAnon! Smart people there.)

London SEO said...

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