Sunday, January 11, 2009

TAG...Blog Awards

Ky Woman at "Little Drops...." has honored me with TWO blog! With the way things are in my life right now, I needed some encouragement. Thank the Lord for thoughtful people, who seem to know when you need an encouraging word (even when they've never met you in person). So to Ky Woman....thanks so much for thinking of me and tagging me with these awards! To my other readers....thanks for reading. Here are the two awards:

The first is the Kreativ Blogger Award. I'm supposed to list 6 things I'm thankful for, then pass it along to 6 other bloggers. Okay, so here goes. I'm thankful for:

1. Family,
2. Friends,
3. Freedom,
4. Faith,
5. Love, and (of course)
6. Chocolate

Since there is a second award that also tasks me with tagging people, I'll tag the same's the second award:

The Lemonade Award. I guess this award is for those who are trying to be positive about life and the "lemons" that life hands them. I hope I'm learning how to make lemonade from those lemons that we all get, from time to time. Anyway, I'm supposed to pass this award on to 10 other bloggers who demonstrate an attitude or gratitude.

So here's my list of tagged bloggers:

1. Sevilla ('cause she has more "attitude" than anyone I know)
2. Tori ('cause she makes me laugh)
3. Rachel ('cause she seems to have found the "key" to Happiness on a 1/2 Acre)
4. Robyn ('cause she's special)
5. Chuck ('cause his attitude is sky high)
6. Grim ('cause he's got the right ideas)
7. Dwight ('cause he can even make military law sound interesting)
8. GI Kate ('cause anyone that small, with that many tatoos, has to have attitude)
9. Big Tobacco ('cause anyone who asks for support pictures can't be all bad)
10. Nikki ('cause she's headstrong and fiesty, yet a romantic at heart)


Ky Woman said...

WooHoo Lela!

Darn, I forgot chocolate! Especially Dark Chocolate. Mmmmm.

Oh wow, I've got new links to check out!

Blessings to you and yours. :) :)

GI Kate said...

LeEllen! I miss you. How have you been? Hope everyone is going well!

(Next time I'm in DC...we are going to get tattooed together! Thanks for tagging me!)