Monday, June 2, 2008

PFC Ross A. McGinnis

President Bush awarded the Medal of Honor today to Private First Class Ross A. McGinnis. PFC McGinnis was only 19-years old when he threw himself on a grenade, saving the lives of four other Soldiers. PFC McGinnis had been standing in a turret, manning the 50-caliber machine gun in an armored humvee when an insurgent threw a grenade that managed to fall through the hatch onto the radio at McGinnis’ feet. He yelled “grenade, it’s in the truck.” The other four Soldiers had no way to escape the humvee. Although PFC McGinnis could have jumped out of the turret and escaped the blast, he didn’t. Instead, he jumped on the grenade, using his body to absorb the grenade’s blast. Did I say he was only 19-years old?

In the Medal of Honor ceremony today, PFC McGinnis’ father explained that PFC McGinnis wanted to be a Soldier from the time he was in Kindergarten. From every description, PFC McGinnis had a wonderful sense of humor, loved life, but was a warrior, one of those who can conquer fear rather than let fear conquer them. Mr. McGinnis, PFC McGinnis’ father said, “I guess about the only thing you’re really going to remember about my son is that he did the right thing at the right time, because his life was very short. It wasn’t an exciting story until it got right to the end, but he just made the right decision when it was required.” Well, Mr. McGinnis, your son’s life may have been short, and it may not have been extremely exciting, but I can tell you that he will be remembered for more than just the nature of his death. He will be remembered for the nature of his life; for his sense of humor, for his friendship, for his service, and for having the courage to do the right thing at the right time, saving the lives of four of his comrades. He is a true hero in every sense of the word. If doing the right thing when necessary is the measure of a man, your son was a giant! Thank you for raising such a man.


David M said...

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fuzzy bear said...

this Young Man is a true hero! much more so that our so called stars. In movies and sports that our young people look up to.. In my life I seen a lot and I mean a lot of young people just like him. They just do not make the news like some other type's make.. I am very proud of the young people in this country.. Especially my family. Those who serve in the military and those who serve in other ways..