Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Anger at the Defeatists

Ms. Beverly Perlson, an Army Mom and blogger at Band of Mothers, has an article at National Review Online that is worth a read. In the article, Ms. Perlson expresses her anger at our Congress; who keeps putting their political ambitions ahead of the needs of our Armed Forces. I’m right there with you Ms. Perlson!

Ms. Perlson, like you, I am extremely proud that my children have chosen to serve this Nation. They see something in it worth serving and worth risking their life to protect. I honor them for that choice, and am proud of their service. Also like you, it made me angry the first time Congress played Scrooge with the Pentagon, forcing our military leaders to shift funds to sustain the war effort. And like you, I’m even angrier now that Congress is doing it again; without understanding the impact their failure to fund the war effort will have on the men and women who simply strive to do the job we’ve asked them to do. Those men and women are doing that job, and doing it well. Shouldn’t they get paid for it? Shouldn’t they be equipped to do it with the best equipment we can get for them? Shouldn’t Congress do everything they can to make sure those worthy men and women are properly funded, rather than recess and take a lengthy vacation?

Congress seems to be purposefully ignoring the excellent strides our armed forces have made, in conjunction with Iraq’s government, police, and military, in ousting Al-Qaeda in Iraq and preventing what could have become a full-fledged civil war. Our Congress doesn’t want to give credit where credit is due, but instead wants to find fault where no fault exists. Why? It’s because they’re committed to the defeatist agenda of the political hard-left.

According to Ms. Perlson, Admiral Mullen the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, warned Congress that they needed to pass a military funding bill before Memorial Day or we might not be able to pay our fighting men and women. Harry Reid, the Senate Majority Leader, responded “No big deal.” Well, Mr. Reid, it is a big deal for those doing a job, any job, to not get paid for that job. Perhaps those in Congress supporting the defeatist agenda need to find out what its like not to get paid, permanently. The men and women of our armed forces deserve more from our Congress.


fuzzy bear said...

I get so angry with congress and their attitude.. sounds like viet nam all over again.. I am so proud of my family from daughter to son in law to grandchildren and nephews,brothers etc for serving this country.. and as for Harry Reid the people of Nevada should wake up and get him out of office. The same with the people of California and Pelosi.. Thanks for the vent.. Only that is only half of it..

Sholom said...

Admiral Mullen told active-duty Marines at Camp Lejeune that security in the Middle East is the military's highest priority.

Is his Brassness too entrenched in the higher echelons of our foreign policy? Should the military's highest priority not be to support and defend the Constitution of the Unitd States of America?

I know why I enlisted.