Monday, May 12, 2008

Why Blog?

Since I started this blog, I’ve had people ask me why I wanted to blog. After thinking about it for a while, I realized have a number of different reasons for deciding to join the blogging community. I’ve been addicted to reading blogs (mostly milblogs or writer’s blogs) for about a year and I’ve found that I’ve been adding more and more comments to the blogs I read; rather than just “lurking” and reading the blog post and its comments. I’m not so full of myself that I think I know it all, but I do know some things and think that I can add to the general conversation “out there.” So, instead of “lurking,” I’ll blog.

That’s one reason, and frankly, a surface reason, one I’d give to a relative stranger. There are other reasons, more “under the surface” relating more to who I am. You see, I learn something when I read blogs; something about the person writing the blog, something about the topic of the post, or something about how the post is written. It’s interesting to feel like you’ve been able to get to know someone you’ve never met; just because you’ve been able to follow that young man entering a war zone for the first time, see him confront the danger and boredom that characterizes conflict and watch him as he grows into a leader of men. It’s interesting to see the war on terror from the point of view of those confronting it; where it’s real, up close, and personal. It’s interesting to see the different ways that mothers and young wives write to offer support to other wives and mothers. You see learning never ends, and blogging is just another way to learn and to share ideas on a wider scale.

And that’s the final reason. Sharing. Sharing has always been difficult for me (just ask my sisters). I have lots of acquaintances and know lots of people. But I have few true friends; you know. . .the type of friends with whom you feel comfortable sharing the thoughts and ideas that make up who you really are. So, I thought if I started to share those thoughts and ideas through a (relatively) anonymous blog, it would get easier to open up to people I care about; kinda like how it’s easier to talk to someone when you’re riding in a car. So, consider this “blog-therapy” in a way; my way of learning what I should have learned in Kindergarten; how to share.


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