Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Counting Blessings

What a wonderful weekend! We had the whole family together, and that is always wonderful. Of course, Cpl Devildog and FloridaGirl were the rock stars; especially with Princess Pink and CurlyLocks. Neither one of the rock stars could sit down for a minute without one or the other of the little girls demanding attention. I think they cured Cpl DD & his wife of any desire to procreate for the immediate future, just through sheer overexposure. It was fun to watch, though!

We squeezed a lot of fun into a very short “long” weekend. On Saturday, most of the family went to the amusement park, where PrincessPink “outshot” Cpl DD in water pistols to win a big red stuffed bear. As she explained later, she’s a better shot with water; but he’s a better shot with bullets. (Personally, I have my suspicions that Cpl DD aimed his stream of water at her target, but don’t tell anyone.) CurlyLocks discovered a love of roller coasters; something she shares with her grandmother, who had to pass on this trip to the park. Grandpa and I stayed home with T-man; but we had fun at Toys-R-Us instead. I’ve learned that it’s not a good idea to take Grandpa to Toys-R-Us. Not unless you want to come home with lots of toys. T-man loved it. He got a new “ba-ball” (T-man for basketball). On Sunday, we had an early surprise birthday celebration for CurlyLocks while Cpl DD and FloridaGirl were here, and before PrincessPink leaves to visit her dad and grandmother. CurlyLocks was very surprised, very happy, and very eager to open her presents! On Monday, we relaxed watching the Washington Nationals play baseball at their new ball park. What a great park! Unfortunately, they lost in extra innings, but what a great ball park! It was fantastic to have all my kids, their spouses, and kids together (even if it was very busy). In today’s world, with families spread out all over the place, it’s not often to have everyone together. When it happens, it’s a blessing!

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