Thursday, May 29, 2008

Bio Challenge

AirForceWife at SpouseBuzz has a wonderfully silly post that made me laugh out loud! It was so good she "appropriated" it from another blogger so that the SpouseBuzz readers could get a kick out of the challenge. I agree with AFWife; the challenge is a big one and it's really funny, so I thought I'd keep the chain going and "appropriate" it for the few of you who read my blog.'s the challenge: write your autobiography in just 6 words. That's right, use just 6 words to describe yourself, no more and no less. Can you do it? Check out the post and comments at SpouseBuzz for some really creative attempts including AFWife's great 6-word bio.

Here's my attempt: Did it for family and country.

Give it a's tough!


Anonymous said...

Honor and Pride above all else.

Sevillalost said...

Trying to die with best stories.


'cause she who dies with the best stories, wins.


Army Sergeant said...

Served America loyally, accepting all consequences

Sholom said...

Seems more like an epitaph than an autobiography, but I'll give it a shot.

I don't think that Army Sergeant can be topped, though.

Ready? Here goes nothing:

Lived with purpose. Acted on principle.

Winona said...

Good post.