Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Feet Dry!

Cpl DevilDog called this morning at ZeroDarkThirty to tell me that his flight had landed in Bangor, Maine. He said that he didn't have a lot of time to talk; but then told me he was going to shave. He had found a pay phone and used our 1-800 number we've had for years to call and asked me to call his wife and pass along his message. I don't know if she was happier that he'd actually landed in the States or that he was going to shave. . . .

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#2 Aunty said...

So Glad the Beloved Nephew (Cpl. Devildog) is home safe and sound and in the arms of his sweetheart (FL Girl)- also that he was considerate enough to greet the loved one without the risk of giving her "whisker burn"! Give them both hugs!
FYI- the "name" is in age order- I am #2 in age! Colorado Aunty is older! (Love to you too #1 Aunty!)