Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy Law Day!

Today, May 1st, is Law Day! This year the ABA-sponsored topic for Law Day focuses on President Lincoln and the Legacy of Liberty. Whatever you think about the politics of the American Bar Association, their sponsorship of Law Day is a good thing. In our society, we kinda take living under the rule of law for granted (sometimes). It's good to remind folks that living within the law is an essential part of the liberty we enjoy.
Today, I had the pleasure of going to "Flyover Country's County High School" to give a Law Day presentation to some of the students. What a blast! Not only were the kids polite, but they actually paid attention (for the most part). We had a great discussion about the civil war, President Lincoln, current events, the writ of habeas corpus, and how should the "balance" between civil liberties and National security even out. These kids had some very interesting perspectives on most of the topics. Gives me hope for the future!


Mike Licht, said...

Observe Law Day 2009 by enforcing these statutes:

United States Code, Title 18, 2441: War Crimes
United States Code, Title 18, 2340A: Torture


lela said...

I'm not very happy with my blog being a vehicle for liberal comments about war crimes and torture. I debated deleting this comment, but decided I'd leave it up just to present the issue. Perhaps I should write a post giving my opinion on the subject....suffice it to say that I'm not one of those crazies who wants to prosecute people for doing everything they can to protect our Nation and her citizens. These people believed they were operating within the law. I do not beleive in prosecuting people for political purposes. The standard liberal argument is that we engaged in torture and thus betrayed our moral authority in the world....well wouldn't prosecuting people for political purposes do the same thing? Wouldn't it make us the same as any "Banana Republic" or "Facist State" out there? If there's anything I've learned in my 25+ years as an attorney, it's that 10 lawyers will have 15 different opinions on what the "law" really is. Prosecuting lawyers for having a well-researched legal opinion that differs from yours, or honest men for relying on that opinion is just wrong.