Thursday, April 30, 2009

Boy Scouts

My children are grown. They are all wonderful people and successful in the life they've chosen to live. My eldest daughter is a USAF helicopter pilot and wonderful mother. My youngest daughter is a loving, caring, wife and mother who has chosen to stay at home while her children are young. My son serves as a US Marine. I raised them all as best as I could; but like most mothers, there are things I wish I would have done differently. For example, I wish I would have encouraged my son to participate more fully in Scouting. He was involved in Boy Scouts, to a small degree, but I didn't encourage it as I should have. I have come to believe that Scouting teaches boys and young men how to work together as a group and how to be self-reliant. It's a great program.

If you want an example of how Scouting can help a young man mature, check out this story posted on Kudos to this young man for keeping his cool and doing what he needed to do to survive when he couldn't get off the mountain.

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