Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

For all you mothers out there.....have a wonderful and happy Mother's Day. I hope you all are able to celebrate this day with family.

Although none of my children or grandchildren will be with me this Mother's Day, this past week I was able to visit my son the Marine and his wife before he deploys overseas to a dangerous place. My visit with them was too short, but it was great to see both of them.

I love my son and I adore his wife. My son has grown into an intelligent and capable young man with a fantastic sense of humor and strong sense of responsibility (even if he hasn't grown out of playing video games). He is a leader, not a follower. I cannot be more proud of him and the life he's chosen. He was lucky enough to meet and marry his Eternal companion, and it's obvious that they were made for each other. My son's wife is sweet, warm, and caring woman who has a steel-strong backbone (which is a good thing for a military-wife to have). I hope I made it clear to them both just how special I know they are, and how each of them are an essential part of my life.

As a mother, I dread seeing my son go off to fight our enemies in a foreign place. Yet I am proud of his decision to serve out great Nation, and support that decision with everything I am. Nevertheless, I am still a mother who wants to wrap my child in his warm, fuzzy blanket and keep him safe. I know that he is no longer the squiggly little boy who wanted to cuddle on my lap before bedtime; but I'm a mom who will always see that little boy, even if he now has a "buff" 6'2" frame.

It's hard not to want to protect your children. Like so many mothers before me who have sent their sons to war, all I can do is let him know that I love him, that I'm proud of him, and that I support him. I will trust in his training and know that he will do the best he can. I will pray for him, and the young men beside him. Most of all, I will trust in the Lord to bring him home safely to his young wife, and to the rest of us who love him.

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Ky Woman said...

Wishing you a Wonderful Mother's Day!
Even if you don't get to see your children, its not for the lack of wanting.

I'll add my prayers to yours for Marine Son and his wife. Prayers are needed for all those there or soon to be there.

Much love being sent your way.