Friday, May 29, 2009

Decal Debacle

I have to admit it....I have a few decals on my truck. On my back window I have a decal that reads, "My son is a United States Marine" and one that reads, "My daughter is in the Air Force." I also have a "Retired Air Force" decal on my back window. All of them are about the same size, about two inches in diameter. None of the decals are what anyone would call obtrusive or gaudy. On the tailgate of the truck are two of those magnetic sticker know the yellow ribbon that says "Support Our Troops" and the red, white, and blue ribbon that says, "God Bless America." I'm proud of my kids and want to acknowledge their service and my pride in them. I'm also one of those people that loves my Country and I really do support our troops and don't just say I do.

I'm glad I don't live in an area with a homeowner's association that would try to tell me to remove the stickers or get my car my expense. Unfortunately, according to FoxNews, that's what's happened to Frank Larison, a 58-year-old former Marine who served for more than 14 years, including a year long combat tour in Vietnam. Mr Larison has seven Marine Corps decals on his car, but his homeowner's association has sent him a letter asking that he remove them or have his car towed and face a $50 fine for each successive violation. The association claims the decals are advertisements and that violates the associations rules that prohibit ads on vehicles. Mr Larison says that the decals are "patriotic" and "to show he served." He says the decals aren't advertising anything because "you can't buy freedom."

Personally, I think Mr Larison ought to go get his car "shrinkwrapped" in that stuff that wraps the entire car in a Marine Corps Globe and Anchor! Or he ought to get the car painted in the Marine Corps colors of crimson and gold, with the words to the Marine Corps Hymn emblazoned on the rear windshield. Better yet, he should outfit his car with a painting of the flag raising at Iwo Jima on its hood. Mr Larison is a Marine, albeit not a serving Marine, and he's rightly proud of his service and his country! His homeowner's association is completely out of line to order him to remove his Marine Corps decals; especially when there are plenty of other cars on the property with bumperstickers supporting political parties, health causes, and other non-commercial interests. What about fairness.....or is it just veterans of the Marine Corps or other Armed Forces that are targeted here?

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Nixon said...

You gotta love homeowner covenants. Reason #1232 to not live in the suburbs or own a home.