Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Senate Social Networking....

I'm not surprised by Senator Specter "defecting" to the Democratic party. He's been a Democrat in sheep's clothing for a long time. Although I'm not surprised at his switch, I'm saddened for those Republican constituents who voted for him, believing that they were voting for a Republican. I know that voters should evaluate a candidate based on the candidate's personal integrity and policies and not a political affiliation, but the party a candidate belongs to does say something about their political "approach" and may have had an impact on some voter's choice. For that voter, Senator Specter's defection must seem like a classic "bait and switch" gambit.

Slate has an interesting, and unique, way to look at the senate and it's interaction. They've developed a "Facebook-style visualization" of the Senate's "social networking" by grouping together those Senators who have voted together more than 65% of the votes in 2009. It's "way cool" and a "must see." Go check it out!

h/t Cassandra

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