Monday, January 30, 2012

Charcoal and Cows

It was a beautiful day in Flyover we went hiking. 

While I was in Virginia helping my daughter with her beautiful twins, our good friend Mr Williams took my husband out to find some missing cows.  Mr Williams is a long-time resident of Flyover Country.  He's lived here all of the over 80 years of his life (except for a stint in the US military).  I love to ride horses with him, and the "excuse" he usually uses to ride is that he has to check on cows, or open gates, or take salt out for them.  Since it's winter, he doesn't ride horses, but still has to go check on his cows.  The best thing about going anywhere with Mr Williams is that he tells stories; about Flyover Country, about the pioneers and people who settled here, and about the Native Americans who were here before.  He knows all the stories, and it's so entertaining (and informative) to listen to him. 

So, about week or so ago, Mr Williams asked my man to go with him.  They rode around in Mr William's pickup, looking for cows and telling stories.  I'm so jealous!  Anyway, Mr Williams showed my husband one of the places where the pioneers, the "old-timers" who settled Flyover Country built a charcoal oven. Since it was so beautiful out today, we hiked up to the site of the oven. 

Although the roof has fallen in, it's really in pretty good shape; it's amazing what those "old-timers" could do.  I'm not certain what they used the oven for, or even if they made charcoal in the oven (although that's what it seemed like it was designed to do and there was some evidence of charcoal on the ground outside).  It was pretty neat to see the oven, and the countryside around it was beautiful. 

Oh yeah....we even found one of Mr William's missing cows.....


Rachel said...

love it!

K-Dubyah said...

One of these days, I'd love to visit Flyover country. Hopefully before I'm too old to enjoy visiting. LOL