Friday, June 10, 2011

Something to Ponder

I was listening to the Glen Beck show on satellite radio on the way to Salt Lake City on Wednesday.  Glen was interviewing David Mamet, a Pulitzer Prize winning author.  Mr Mamet made a statement that has had me thinking for several days.  In addressing our political leaders (to use the term "leaders" loosely), Mr Mamet said,

"We need to stop expecting our leaders to be perfect and start expecting them to be responsible."

I totally agree!!!   We are never going to have the "perfect" person to lead this Nation. (At least not until the second coming of Christ, and that's assuming he wants to lead this Nation.)  There will always be something that someone doesn't like about a particular leader.  No leader will always be perfect, everyone has faults.  But, a true leader will be responsible.  He or she will "own" their fault, and try to rectify it (if possible).  A true leader will do everything they can to avoid a mistake or misstep, but if they can't a true leader will acknowledge that it was their mistake or misstep. 

All I will say about Representative Wiener's debacle is that by this criteria, Representative Wiener is not a leader, in any sense of the word. 

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