Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wanna Go to Afghanistan?

Kentucky Woman, over at "Little Drops....," is going to Afghanistan.....want to join her? I am. It seems that two Air Force journalists are taking a 3o-day swing through the country and documenting their trip. You, too, can sign up for updates and "virtually" tour the country with them. They're posting on Facebook and on the ISAF website. Here's what KyWoman says about the effort:

Now the why... So many of 'Our Guys' and 'Gals' have spent a good portion of their lives in the past 8 years working, fighting and paying the ultimate price with their life for our freedoms in the land called Afghanistan. There are many negative images of the country, people and the reason we're there and what we're doing. This 30 day trip being videoed by these two Airmen will perhaps give everyone who is curious and questioning a better understanding of what our soldiers see everyday. It's like taking a trip without ever leaving your home. Not quite how I like to travel, but sure beats reading the newspapers accounts and opinions.

Now isn't this a great idea, and a wonderful way to support those young men and women who are still serving?


Ky Woman said...

Did you watch today's video? Very cool seeing the Queens Palace up close again. And the Colonel? Yeah, he practices what he preaches. Good stuff!!

Anonymous said...

Cool story you got here. I'd like to read more about that matter. Thnx for posting that info.

Anonymous said...

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SEO London said...

I want to go overseas to like a base in Afghanistan I know its crazy but I wanna help anyway I can.