Monday, February 1, 2010

Kaboom: He's Back!!!!

I have some fantastic news! For those of you that have read this blog from the beginning, you've heard of LtG (a.k.a. Matt Gallagher) and his "Kaboom" blog. Just to recap, LtG was a blogging as a platoon leader in Iraq, recounting the "adventures" of his unit (which he named the "Gravediggers"), when he was ordered to stop blogging. LtG's posts were pithy, informative, descriptive, sometimes sarcastic, and always entertaining. I, among many, was extremely disappointed when he was forced to shut down the blog.

Well, here's the good news....LtG is back! A book based on his blog and his experiences in Iraq is scheduled for publication on April 1st. (He swears this is not an April Fool's joke.) Based on LtG's blog writing, I'll recommend this new book to you, sight unseen. (You can pre-order it on by clicking this link.) He's also posting on Kaboom, again! Good luck LtG!!!
h/t RedBull Rising


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