Friday, February 19, 2010

Team Rubicon

Those of you who have been with me from the beginning of this blog will remember that, for quite some time, I followed the exploits of Jake Wood, who blogged on "Jake's World," and linked to his blog from mine. I started following Jake when he was a young Marine in Iraq during the early stages of the "surge." One of my motivations for starting this blog was the desire to join the conversation that was led by people like Jake.

Jake has left the Marine Corps, but he's still making an impact. After the earthquake in Haiti, while many of us were wondering how we could help (beyond sending money), Jake, and seven others, actually did something. They created "Team Rubicon." Team Rubicon, or TR as they call themselves, is a group of former Marines, medical professionals, and first responders who got together, and despite discouragement from the big international aid agencies, went into Haiti in the immediate aftermath of the earthquake and made a difference. Team Rubicon and their efforts in Haiti are highlighted in Foreign Policy magazine. Check it's worth your time. Then head over to Team Rubicon's webpage and get involved by volunteering or donating. These are truly "the good guys."


SEO London said...

In my thought it bridges the critical time gap between large natural disasters and conventional aid response.

Birmingham SEO said...

Being a marine requires courage.Team Rubicon is formed by former marines like Jake, medical professionals, and starting responders who went to Haiti to help victim of earthquake.

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