Saturday, November 14, 2009


My Marine son is home from Afghanistan, safe and sound! It was wonderful to get a call from him this morning and hear his voice (even if it was 0530 here in "Flyover Country." I know his wife, Florida Girl, is extremely glad to have him home, and so am I. I'm proud of him and the man he is, and I'm proud that he's chosen to serve this Country; but I'm so happy that he's home. YEA!!!!!


Ky Woman said...

Doing the "Happy Dance" here!!

So glad that he's home, please give him my thanks for his service. And tell his wife thanks as well.

Sending love and {{{Hugs}}}

Woo Hoo!!! or maybe I should say... OooRah!

AuntyAlly said...

Dancing right along with Ky Woman here in the Rushmore State! Love to the Beloved Nephew and Florida Girl!

LeEllen said...

Ky Woman....I've been doing the "happy dance" since I got his call!

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