Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Class or No Class

One of the assignments I had, while on active duty with the Air Force, was to serve as the staff judge advocate at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland. It was an interesting assignment, for a number of reasons, but one of the interesting parts of the assignment was the chance to serve as a "greeter" for Distinguished Visitors. Andrews Air Force Base, home to Air Force One, also hosts flights for Congressmen (and women), as well as members of the Cabinet and other important people. I got to "welcome home" a couple of important people, including Secretary of State Condalisa Rice and First Lady Laura Bush. Both women were extremely polite, exceedingly gracious, and exceedingly classy. What a shock it was for me, based on those experiences, to see the photograph of our current First Lady debarking from Air Force One dressed in shorts and tennis shoes.

Now anyone who knows me knows that I'm a pretty informal person. (I went to my high school graduation wearing jeans....you couldn't see a nice dress under the graduation robe...). I live in jeans and enjoy workout clothes. But, if you ask me, casual and informal clothes are not appropriate wear for someone representing our great Nation as First Lady while riding on Air Force One. I wouldn't wear jeans to a business meeting or while representing a client in court. That our current First Lady feels it appropriate to wear casual clothing while representing our Country does nothing but demonstrates a severe lack of class.

h/t Grama & Ally


Ky Woman said...

Yup, that's the change we got... from class to a**.

I'm sure that their staff would say "Michelle wants everyone to know that she's just like them...."

I'll take First Lady Laura Bush any day of the week! And her husband as well. :)

Smiley said...

Good grief! C'mon First Family. It DOES matter what other people think of us!

Ally said...

I agree! No Class! No Taste! No Respect for us as a Nation or as a people.

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