Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy Veteran's Day

Today is Veteran's Day; a day when we should recall and remember the service and sacrifice of those who serve, or have served, in our Nation's military (and their families). Even though this day is dedicated to solemn rememberance, often played out in Veteran's cemetaries across the country, it should also be a day of joyous thanksgiving. We should give thanks for the freedom and liberty that we enjoy, because of those military men and women. So as you go about your business today, take time listen to "Taps" and grieve for those who are lost. Take time to rejoice with those who have come home to those who love them. But most of all, take time to thank a Veteran.


Ally said...

Sissy- Thank YOU!

cheap seo said...

This is a day to honor veterans living and dead who have given so much to protect our country.

SEO London said...

I feel strongly about Veteran's Day and love reading more on this topic. Keep blogging.