Saturday, May 28, 2011

Blogs as History......

Greyhawk, a blogger writing on the Mudville Gazette, has re-posted a great post from November 2010 on the impact of blogs (particularly military blogs) and how the writings in these blogs should be preserved as a part of our history.  Check out the blog post here.  It's a great idea!  These blogs, whether written by those serving in a war zone or those of us at home, are wonderful primary sources for thoughts, ideas, reactions and issues of the time.  They need to be preserved!!!!   If the government can spend money studying shrimp on a treadmill or jello wrestling in Antartica; there should be funds available to preserve important writings on important topics.  The biggest practical problem would be deciding which blogs and which posts should be preserved.  Editorial questions are always the hardest.....aren't they?

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