Sunday, October 18, 2009

Set to Cede Sovereingty?

There's an interesting excerpt from a speech Lord Christopher Monckton gave on October 14, 2009 going around the internet, where he claims that President Obama will actually cede US sovereingty when he signs the United Nations World Climate Change Treaty in Copenhagen in December 2009 . Lord Monckton is a former advisor to Margaret Thatcher, and a noted climate change skeptic. He successfully sued to keep Al Gore's climate change movie, "An Inconvient Truth," from being shown in British schools citing numerous inaccuracies. The British judge ruled in Lord Monckton's favor and ordered 9 serious errors to be corrected before the film could be shown. Lord Monckton has repeatedly challenged Mr Gore to a debate about climate change. Mr Gore has repeatedly declined.

According to Lord Monckton, the text of the treaty actually sets up a new form of world government; one that has the ability to force the "rule of law." Lord Monckton intreprets the language in this treaty to transfer wealth from western governments to third-world countries in satisfaction of "climate debt," and that the ultimate purpose of this treaty is to set forth a communist world government on the world. Lord Monckton believes that the US Constitution's Supremacy Clause, which gives treaties the force of law, will enable the terms of this treaty to supercede the terms of the Constitution.

Interesting. I don't know if Lord Monckton is prophetic or nutty. Judge for yourself. Here's a 4-minute exercpt from the speech:

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Ky Woman said...

You know what Lela? I wouldn't put anything past our C in C... for all intents and purposes, he wants world domination. His a**kissing the other world leaders indicate that to me.

Scary stuff in any case. Let's hope there are enough citizens who are paying attention to the back room dealings to stop something like this happening. If in case it is.

Hope you are doing well. :)

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