Saturday, October 3, 2009

Happy Birthday My Son

Today is my son's birthday. I remember when he was born....not all that long ago. He was such a big baby, compared to his sisters. He was all male, right from the beginning; a charmer, sweet and cute, until he wanted to eat....then Heaven help us if he didn't get food immediately. From the time he was a little boy until he was a teenager, I could tell when he was starting a growth spurt....the cereal would magically disappear. The kid would have cereal for breakfast, cereal for after school snack, cereal for dessert, and cereal before he went to bed. I think I was personally responsible for keeping General Mills' profit margin high during those years.

He was a good kid, even though he suffered from "teenage boy disease." You know, inability to wake up to an alarm clock, total fascination with electronic gaming, and a firm belief that parents know absolutely nothing. That's "teenage boy disease." Nevertheless, he was a pretty good kid. He understood responsibility and consequences; something some kids never learn. He was an athlete and loved sports, something he still enjoys. He was an all-state football player and played baseball. (His baseball coach told me that he let my son run the team.) He's a Pittsburgh Steelers fan, just like his dad and the rest of the family. He's even converted his wife. He's still a charmer. He's still cute (ok, handsome). He's still athletic. He's always been a natural leader. He's a Marine.

God Bless you, my son, and may He bring you home safely to those who love you. Happy Birthday.


AuntieA said...

Happy Birthday Beloved Nephew!
We at home are praying for your safe return! I remember you coming into the kitchen with a can of soup in your hand- you could barely walk- and saying with your sweet baby voice to me...."EAT! EAT!" so your Mom is right on target with the non-stop food entry! Love You!

SEO London said...

Happy Birthday Beloved Nephew! I hope you enjoyed this year very much.

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