Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Real Tea Party Story: Community Builders vs. Community Organizers

Kelly-Ann Shiver has written a wonderful essay, published on American Thinker, titled, The Real Tea Party Story: Community Builders vs. Community Organizers.  It is a "must read" for those who want a good explanation of the difference between the Tea Party movement and community organizing entities (like Acorn).  Her explanation is simple and eloquent.  Here's a quote:

The real Tea Party story is quite simple and an eloquent tribute to democracy: a genuine movement of ordinary people rising to the demands of their all-American principles. It represents a fundamental difference between those who seek to provide for themselves and those who see government as provider of all material goods. The Tea Party movement is a valiant resistance to decades of profligate entitlement spending, which has had the real effect of worsening every problem it was intended to fix, landing the country, at last, in a sea of impossible debt. Tea Partiers, like the Liberty Boys of 1776, stand steadfast on the principle of equality in the rule of law, not government-ordered equality in material-world goods.

As Ms Shiver sees it, the Tea Party movement is a reaction of those of us who have recognized we can no longer be the "silent majority."  It is a reaction to liberal elites who have counterfeited the American institution of voluntary alturistic organizations and created community organizations to effect an "orderly revolution" designed to usher in a Marxist system of wealth distribution.  It is a reaction to those who have been taught, often by those who express a desire to "help," that the only solution to life's problems lies in government action.  As Ms Shriver says,

From the Stimulus package of political payoffs to the power grab of car companies "too big to fail," to the climate bill rewards for privileged corporate interests, to the health care takeover in the same vein, we see a man dedicated to destroying the very foundations of America's community-builders and replacing them with the grand social-engineers' paradise, which Saul Alinsky -- and Mussolini, Hitler, Marx, Engels, Lenin, Mao, and others -- have envisioned.

I think Ms Shiver has hit on something with her analysis.  It makes sense to me, and explains why the Tea Party movement is so important.  American citizens, those of us who THINK anyway, believe that hard work and self-reliance leads to success.  We believe in limited government and personal freedom.  We believe in helping those who help themselves, not in providing a handout to those who expect it.  So to again quote Ms Shiver,

The real Tea Party story is as simple as this. Genuine community-builders do not wish to be robbed blind and see their children in the shackles of debt so that the modern version of tyranny -- community organizers -- can split up a pie they didn't bake.

Read the's worth it! 


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