Wednesday, December 2, 2009

President's Plan

So, President Obama finally made a decision. He's going to send 3o,ooo more troops to support our operations in Afghanistan. Good. It's about time. I hope that President Obama's plan to "finish" the Taliban, Al Qaeda, and their extremist allies works. I'm not sure that President Obama is being realistic....but I can still hope. I am, however, extremely concerned by the "deadline" President Obama has set for leaving Afghanistan. Not only does a "deadline" give those extremists hope...all they have to do is wait for us to leave before restarting their plans...but a "deadline" may not be realistic. I fear that President Obama will become so entrenched in the idea that he has to leave by the deadline he set, that he will ignore military realities that may exist at the time. Anyone who has served in the military knows that no plan lasts beyond first contact with the enemy. My fear is that President Obama, and his advisers, will become so entrenched in the politics of supporting their plan that they forget those military realities.


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