Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Code Pink Crazies Honors the Iraqi Shoe Tosser

One of Lt Nixon's rants is about Code Pink's plans to honor the Iraqi Journalist who tossed his shoes (without much success) at President Bush. It seems that Code Pink has announced a "shoe in" at the Federal Building in Los Angeles on Wednesday during afternoon/evening rush hour. The Code Pink crazies ask attendees to bring shoes to represent the Iraqis and Americans who have died "since Bush's illegal invasion." This protest is scheduled to take place at an extremely busy intersection in Los Angles. Stupid plan...to bring shoes to honor an angry Iraqi or Egyptian (or whatever), and schedule such a publicity stunt during rush hour at a busy intersection. I agree with Lt Nixon when he says, "Code Pink didn't have the decency to hold this display of idiocy on the weekend, so commuters will have to watch out for flying Birkenstocks as they exit off the 405."


Grama36 said...

Some people sure do not have very much to do do they..they must lead very boring lives!!!!

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