Friday, August 8, 2008

Heil Obama

Apparently Senator Obama supporters (or maybe the man himself, given his elevated self-image) has created a salute to show their support during the Democrat convention in Denver. Here's a poster showing the salute:

Now am I overreacting, or does this remind anyone else of another type of salute used to show political unity:

UPDATE: Apparently, some bloggers think that the "O-salute" may have been "appropriated" from a Star Trek episode where Spock meets with a group of space-hippies. Groovy!

Another blogger questions whether the "O-salute" is really a GOP stunt. . .

Finally, Michelle Malkin suggests 5 other universal symbols for Obama supporters, including a note that one of her readers, Jim M., e-mailed that, “In American sign language, the sign for ‘asshole’ is the circle formed with one hand. The new Obama sign can mean only one thing: ‘Big Asshole.’ If the sign fits…” Interesting. . .I think I agree with Jim M. on the meaning of the "O-salute."


liberal army wife said...

I think you might be stretching this a bit. don't you?


Sevillalost said...

Actually, it kinda reminds me of an obscene gesture that the guys at work throw at each other to indicate that they're acting in a less than manly fashion. You know the one. :)