Thursday, July 10, 2008

President of the World?

Is Senator Obama campaigning to be President of the United States or President of the World? Why would an Illinois Senator, who looks like his party's nominee for President, want to hold a campaign rally in front of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, Germany? To seek votes from Germans? I can sorta understand why a US Presidential candidate might want to do some information gathering in foreign countries. I can see where that type of information gathering would be helpful in formulating a coherent foreign policy platform to present to US voters. But what logical reason would there be to hold a campaign rally in a foreign country? I can't see it. I agree with the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, who's spokesman expressed “great skepticism as to whether it is appropriate to bring an election campaign being fought not in Germany but in the United States to the Brandenburg Gate.” Yeah, if I were German I'd be skeptical, too. I'm American and I'm skeptical. The only reason for him to give a political speech, or hold a political rally at the Brandenburg Gate is to associate himself with John Kennedy and Ronald Regan, who as sitting US Presidents gave important speeches in front of the gate. As the Chancellor's spokesman said, “no German (chancellor) candidate would think of using (Washington’s) National Mall or Red Square in Moscow for rallies, because it would be considered inappropriate." I agree. It is inappropriate. In my opinion, to even think about a campaign speech in a foreign country is the height of arrogance, bad taste, and worse judgment.

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Grama36 said...

Seems to me that Obama is just a bit, well to be truthful very arrogant. I think he is really beginning to believe all the hipe that the spinners are saying about him. Maybe he thinks that he is the Messiah... come to save us all.. and who ever said he had good taste or good judgment .. Look at his Pastor and some of his friends.. I think he is like a puppet and I wonder who is pulling the strings..